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Man lay dead in hospital toilet for 36 hours

According to reports the man, named as Jean Marcel Labb 56, visited the Villeneuve Saint Georges Hospital, in the Val de Marne region to the south of Paris, just before 10am on January 4th to undergo a chest x ray.

When he walked into the hospital he went straight to the disabled toilet where he is believed to have suffered a ruptured aneurysm, causing his sudden death.

His sister Marie Labb described the circumstances around her brother death as terrible and will never know if
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fake ray bans have been saved, she told French daily Le Parisien. what disgusts me is that no one seems to have noticed that the door of the toilet was locked for all that time. When he did not return home the family became increasingly worried about his whereabouts. When a family member phoned the hospital just after midday they were told Labb did not have an appointment that day.

want answers from everyone the cleaning staff, who did not do their job, the security officers and the directors of the hospital. It is not normal that this kind of incident can happen, Marie Labb told Europe1 radio.

should never happen again, she said.

The director of the hospital Didier Hoeltgen has denied there were any medical errors surrounding Labb death.

was confusion. People thought the toilet was occupied or out of order. Around 3,000 people come to the hospital each day. We cannot keep a check on all the toilets, Hoeltgen told Le Parisien.

The director has, however, ordered an internal
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fake ray bans how Labb remained undiscovered for so long.Articles Connexes:

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Gill centennial plans under way

FOR MORE than six months, plans have been in the works for the centennial of Manchester’s Gill Stadium, which opened as Textile Field on Sept. 8, 1913.

Those plans are now being finalized by a committee co chaired by George Smith, formerly an alderman and longtime athletics director for the Sweeney American Legion post, and Peter Capano, chief of the city’s Parks, Recreation and Cemetery Division.

Festivities on the original opening day drew capacity crowds totaling around 14,000, according to the Manchester Union, forebear of the New Hampshire Union Leader. About 7,000 spectators filled the stadium for a daytime baseball game between the defending World Series champion Boston Red Sox and an all star team from the local Manufacturing League, the paper reported. Another 7,000 or so came out that night for a soccer game and fireworks display.

Gill will be a festive place again
discount ray bans next Sept. 13, but the festivities won’t include baseball. By the time the 100th anniversary rolls around, Gill be set up for soccer and football, with the pitcher’s mound leveled and bleachers set up in front of left field.

we’ll go with football and soccer, followed by a fireworks show on September 8, Capano said.

Capano had hoped to renew a storied Gill Stadium football rivalry for the occasion, but that’s unlikely to happen. Until they played each other for the last time in 1980, Manchester Central High and Haverhill, Mass., had the fourth oldest high school rivalry in the nation. Capano wanted to see the two schools face each other again.

were trying to get Haverhill to come here next year for the anniversary, but it’s not looking good because of scheduling conflicts, he said. now turned our attention of trying to get Concord to fill that date. some history there, too, Capano noted.

research showed that earlier in the century, Central and Concord both wore red, said Capano. year, both schools agreed to compete for the right to wear that color permanently. The loser would have to choose another color. Concord ended up winning and became the Crimson Tide. became the Little Green.

in the spirit of the centennial, our committee felt a game between Central and Concord would fit perfectly in our plans, Capano said.

Capano said the committee is working on selecting opponents for the soccer game.

Capano said the centennial committee has decided to have every city team that plays at Gill Stadium next year wear a commemorative patch on its uniforms.

were looking into the possibility of scheduling a men’s soccer game between Southern New Hampshire University and St. Anselm College,
discount ray bans he said. received word this week that the Penmen’s 2013 schedule is already set and they’re suppose to host Dowling College on September 8. I’m planning to see if we can move that game to Gill Stadium. If St. Anselm has a home game that day, I’ll ask them if they also want to play it at Gill. We have no problem with scheduling two college soccer games that day. said he’s talked to the city about staging an August or September 5K road race that would start and/or finish at Gill Stadium.

He also said the committee is interested in getting the New Hampshire Fisher Cats to schedule one Eastern League baseball game on Valley Street.

haven’t approached the Fisher Cats yet, but that’s a possibility, he said.

The Fisher Cats played their entire 2004 home schedule at Gill Stadium while their new home, what is now known as Northeast Delta Dental Stadium, was under construction a few blocks away on the banks of the Merrimack River. In their first
cheap ray bans game in New Hampshire, the Fishers faced the Trenton Thunder and their promising second baseman, Robinson Cano.

Whether the Fisher Cats return to Gill or not, there will be plenty of baseball at the stadium next summer. The Manchester Babe Ruth League is planning to host the New England Regional for 13s at Gill in late July and/or early August.

Other possibilities under discussion for the stadium’s centennial year include a boxing event, which New Hampshire Boxing and Wrestling Commissioner Bobby Stephen said he could organize.

While there won’t be a baseball game, committee members hope to have a Red Sox presence for the anniversary.

Red Sox are on our list. We’re focused on bringing retired Red Sox players and even
fake ray bans addressing the idea of inviting owner John Henry, if he has the time, said Capano. still working on it.

People who knew him talk about his love of life, family and friends. He would do almost anything to make another person’s life better.

This past summer, the Manchester Babe Ruth League honored Capistran by naming a scholarship after him. League president Gary Ulbin also had Luke’s initials stitched on the hats of every team in the Ray Lebel and Tom Woodlock leagues.Articles Connexes:

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How to Become a Community Talk Show Host

QUESTION on How to Become a Community Talk Show Host

I want to begin my own community talk show with sponsors. I am currently doing a show on our public access channel without pay, it is another lady show, she has a community newspaper and cannot do both, plus she
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oakley sunglasses replica I would like to upgrade to a radio station, not
oakleys sunglasses necessarily TV. I have a management degree and also radio/TV background. I am also a recent retiree over 50yrs of age returning to my home town.
oakley sunglasses discount How to sell a community show and where to get sponsors is the real problem. Can you
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In going back to your home town: Are there long time stores or businesses you frequented you can tap for sponsorship? Look at significant employers in the area, discount stores, service based industries who might want to sponsor your
oakleys sunglasses program. What are the demographics of your area? Try to find local issues to appeal to. Find out what the current radio/TV habits are of your potential audience. Be able to tell the station manager broken and how your show can fix it.

Here are a few public relations angles to address to drum up support
fake oakley wholesale for your show: local prodigal returns; old school connections (alum makes good), guests you can bring in, near and far away, what need you be fulfilling (whether recognized or not), how the town has changed over the years, and where it will be X years from now. Volunteer to be interviewed on media desired (radio or TV).

Try to
fake cheap oakleys break the mold, do something different.

Best of luck, Margot. Let us know how it goes!

Recommended Books on Becoming a Community Talk Show Host

Article originally published August 2001. Updated on February 19, 2012

Yvonne Buchanan is a 20 year veteran of public relations, marketing and advertising. Real World PR offers public relations toolkits (manual/CD combinations) that allow small business owners to create and maintain their own public relations programs.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

Análisis de estados financieros e incoherencias en las cuentas

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Todo análisis de estados financieros ha de comenzar por la detección de distorsiones lógicas en los mismos. Los Balances y Cuentas de Resultados deben ser coherentes con la situación de la empresa, su dimensión y la actividad a la que se dedica.

Se recomienda aplicar  juicios de valor con el objetivo de dar otorgar veracidad a la información financiera disponible. Una vez superada esta fase, se porcederá a un análisis de estados financieros propiamente dicho.

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Negociación de prestamos

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Una de las preguntas habituales que escuchamos a la hora de pedir un préstamo es la del mismo. En estos casos, el cliente del banco puede pensar “a usted qué le importa“, asumiendo que la presentación de las garantías requeridas hace innecesaria esa pregunta. Sin embargo,  la correcta argumentación de la finalidad del dinero solicitado es clave para la concesión del .

En el caso de las empresas, es habitual  argumentar “necesidades de ” o “necesidades de circulante” u otras más llamativas como “colchón” o “por si lo necesito”. Para los responsables de riesgos bancarios, las necesidades que mueven a una empresa a pedir un crédito son tan importantes como las garantías colaterales formales que se presenten.
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La Teoría de los Ciclos de las Estafas

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estafasEn épocas inciertas, uno busca refugio en los clásicos. Por ello volvemos sobre Galbraith. Hoy con su Teoría de Ciclos de las que viene a decir que la comisión de delitos y su desvelo guarda un patrón directamente relacionado con el momento del ciclo econónmico. En los años de bonanza  se cometen delitos económicos  que no serán descubiertos hasta la posterior crisis. Es la “cartera de estafas”:

Para un economista, la estafa es el más interesante de los crímenes. Es la única ratería susceptible de ser estudiada usando el factor tiempo. Pueden pasar semanas, meses e incluso, años, entre la perpetración del crimen y su descubrimiento.
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No todo el endeudamiento es malo

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La deuda, entendida como financiación externa, es uno de los principales instrumentos utilizados por las en su devenir diario. Al contrario de lo que algunos piensan, el endeudamiento empresarial es positivo y, en la mayoría de los casos, necesario y deseable. Y entendemos el endeudamiento empresarial como la financiación externa obtenida para realizar una inversión productiva.
Obviamente, si una empresa puede funcionar sin financiación externa, mejor que mejor. Cuantos menos gastos fijos tenga la empresa, mejor. Pero no hay que tener miedo a endeudarse si con ese endeudamiento conseguimos mejorar nuestros resultados.

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El Mark-to-Market y los secretos a voces

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La versión oficial sobre la situación de bancos y cajas españoles transmite la idea de un sistema financiero fuerte, un regulador riguroso y unas tasas de relativamente bajas si se comparan con las alcanzadas a principios de los años 90. Tras ese telón oficial existe cierta opacidad que no permite saber con claridad cual es la verdadera situación del sistema financiero español.

Con los estados financieros publicados por los bancos, ocurre igual que con los estudios sobre las reservas mundiales de petróleo: Lo único cierto es que sus datos son falsos. Tras meses de convulsión, el mercado ha asumido como un secreto a voces que los balances de las entidades españolas están maquillados.
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Fondo de Maniobra… fácil fácil

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Uno de los conceptos más utilizados y, a la vez, más sencillos de elaborar para evaluar la situación financiera de una empresa es el Fondo de Maniobra (también denominado Working Capital). El Fondo de Maniobra es una magnitud que nos indicará si una empresa dispone de los suficientes recursos para hacer frente a sus más inmediatas. Es decir, nos puede indicar si una empresa es solvente o no.
Existen varias formas de definir su cálculo, aunque la más sencilla de entender o de recordar es aquella que establece que el Fondo de Maniobra es igual al Activo Corriente menos el Pasivo Corriente. Es decir, los activos más líquidos de una empresa (que se espera convertir en efectivo dentro del ejercicio económico) menos las deudas que tenemos que pagar durante el ejercicio económico. La diferencia entre estas dos partidas del Balance será el Fondo de Maniobra.

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No te conformes con un sólo balance

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Cuando queramos analizar los estados financieros de una empresa es aconsejable tener algo con que compararlos. Un solo balance o cuenta de pérdidas y ganancias nos proporciona una información muy valiosa: Nos indica sus activos, pasivos, el saldo de clientes, su inmovilizado, sus deudas, gastos, ingresos, etc. pero es una información que puede ser sesgada, ya que viendo un solo estado financiero no tenemos una idea global de la empresa, puesto que puede tener unos balances “buenos”, pero si vemos los datos de los tres últimos años quizá podamos observar que su nivel de endeudamiento aumenta progresivamente y que no se traduce en activos, que sus beneficios se han mermado un 80%, que cada vez compran menos materias primas, etc. etc.

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Un presupuesto no debe ser único

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Cuando se preparan los presupuestos del año que viene (o los de los próximos años, o del próximo semestre, etc. dependiendo del intervalo temporal que queramos presupuestar) muchos comenten el error de hacer un solo . Es decir, hacemos los presupuestos con las ventas esperadas, los gastos esperados, etc.
Yo lo veo eso como un error, un error que nos puede salir bastante caro, ya que no siempre se cumplen las “previsiones previstas”. Cuando preparemos unos presupuestos lo ideal es hacer al menos tres previsiones presupuestarias atendiendo a tres criterios:

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Radiografía Financiera del Atlético de Madrid

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analisis financiero atletico de madrid En los informes comerciales podemos encontrar toda la información sobre cualquier empresa de España. Incluidas las Sociedades Anónimas Deportivas.

Esta semana hemos tenido acceso al informe del Club Atlético de Madrid, SAD, un exhaustivo informe de 29 páginas que nos desgranan todos los ámbitos del querido y sufrido “Atleti”.

Me voy a servir de los datos del informe para realizar un análisis de su situación financiera… a ver qué nos encontramos:

La situación económico financiera del Atlético de Madrid no parece ser excesivamente buena, aunque tampoco es como preocuparse en exceso, pero sí para estar vigilantes.

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